January 30, 2010


Since people are writing plenty of blog posts about it, and both my editor and I have noted in the comments section of my Vampire Weekend pc., I am putting it here, so people can at least have accurate information by which to judge me/the piece/my editor etc.:

In the original version of the essay I turned in, I never called the band white, nor would I, because that isn't correct. In my 10 days of listening to nothing but that album and reading dozens of interviews and reviews of the band, I was well aware of Rostam's heritage. I might be brazen, but I am not an idiot.

In the editing process, a particular sentence was changed to being a general statement about how most people don't have a problem with white people playing African music--it was a statement about appropriation, not about Vampire Weekend specifically--though it was open enough that it could be read that way. It's now been fixed, by my editor, along with an editor's note explaining why it was changed. No one was was trying to assign whiteness, no one was qualifying Rostam as white, or Persian as white and the sentence (it in the third graf) has been updated to reflect that--so there is no mistaking it.

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