January 19, 2010


I din't win the American Library Association's Excellence in Young Adult Nonfiction Award for which I was nominated. It is okay because I was up against like 79 other books, and my book still gets a sticker for being a nominee, and most people who see that sticker have no idea the competition was anymore than a dozen books. I hope the sticker is metallic, because them people might mistake it for the Newberry or the Caldecott or one of the big shit ones for kiddo books. I am still up for another ALA award for the best feminist book for young readers. That field is only 20 books deep, so I have slightly better odds. A lot of old riot girls are now feminist librarians, so I am banking on that. Supposedly I will find out this week, but I have already been waiting since like, Halloween to know. I don't think I have ever been nominated for anything serious before. At least not to my face.
So I am anxious, but just a little.
(ADDENDUM: My google alert, like a psychic dog, just brought me the link to what the stickers look like. I would like to win the one for Audiobook production, with the shell. THEY ARE ALL SHINY.

Mostly I am tired.

Also, I am tired of listening to Vampire Weekend. I am writing about them and really, the hardest part is having to hear the music they have made. To come famous in your young age of Facebook and Obama, I bet the world seems like nothing but infinite possibilities--which is maybe why he sings about vacations so often.

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