January 13, 2010


I was head to the bank and as I was crossing the street to go in, a cop car drove right up the door and then there were suddenly five more and a teller came and unlocked the door and let the officer in and everyone got shoo-ed away and cars all left the drive through fast. If I had not decided to both comb and brush my hair before I left, I coulda been in the middle of a BANK STICK UP.

I had to get cash at the other branch, so as to purchase the cinnamon bun that I have been hungry for for the last two days, ever since I had that dream where Anthony Bourdain came to Chicago and asked me to take him where I love to eat but never get to go and I took him to the Cinnabon in the airport. WHICH, I must say, we both enjoyed, and he got an extra order of frosting in the little cup to take home. The other option in the dream, which might only be mildly funny to Chicago people, was a new restaurant that was Soul Veg combined with the shitty/delicious $8 Indian buffet that is kitty corner from the Vic, which admittedly would, if it existed, would be incredibly successful. MILLION DOLLAR DREAM.

My bi-annual "They are talking about you on the Electrical Audio boards" bait email has arrived. This time there is a poll on whether Albini is right, that I am the worst music writer ever, worse than Jim DeRogatis, along with the standard debate whether I look fuckable. If I win, I am going to be psyched! Please, guys, keep me posted with more anonymous emails. Preish!

And also, in other-other news, I will be doing two book events in Austin during SXSW, 3/19 at the Girls Rock Austin event and 3/20 at Domy's, with a lady band I cannot announce yet. I am not going to be doing Houston or basement-of-the-Alamo dates as I previously said. Also, also, Laurie Lindeen and I put together a panel, (in case yr an industry type heading to this thing badged up), of female authors who have done books about woman's experiences in rock--it's me, Laurie, Laina Dawes(who has a forthcoming tome on black women in metal/heavy music), and Amanda Petrusich and moderated by Holly George Warren, paver of the way.

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