January 08, 2010


Glacial tones, via Mary Mannings bloggins: the Swede, Erik Enocksson doing minor piano and snow crunching.

Last night, Channel 5 showed up to report on the unplowed side streets, broadcasting kitty corner from our house. I opened the window and started making chicken noises as loud I could, but it turned out the reporter was just rehearsing. "Why do you think he's chicken?," Matt came in and asked. "I don't think he's a chicken, I want them to think I am one." Matt tried to "bust" me by flicking the lights on an off, as I had shut them off for hiding purposes. He didn't want to run down the blizzardy street, streak or stand behind the newsman either. He doesn't understand the compulsion to heckle and act a fool when people are hosting live news. I waited until they were on for real and opened the window and screamed the stupidest thing I could think of, which was "Whooo-hoooo! TAKE IT ALL OFF! YEAH!", but the host was not fazed and kept right on hosting.

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