December 31, 2009


I forgot to turn in my pazz and jop ballot to the village voice because I was watching Finding Nemo with the kids. I am not sure I know what a "best" record means. Is that the record I listened to most at the gym? I wonder what will be the token total-pop release and the token world-beat release added to every crits balance sheet in haste so they don't look like a one-trick rockist honkey. My guess is the Discovery album because it passes for funky, perhaps The Very Best because it's both #1 in the magical, mystical other category. Or Tinariwen, since everyone living got a promo? One wonders. Sort of.

I think I might have four records for a list.
I listened to Kompakt Pop Ambient 2009 probably 65 or 80 times in the last year.
I dunno if it's best, it's really all purpose.
Florence and The Machine I might have liked best. I don't know anything about her, came late to the game, I hated the first video and single, and now, now I hate nothing to it. I think she's so majestic and talented, she makes a lot of also-rans in the dramatic/post-Kate Bush solo-woman album explosion that was 2009 en toto (not a complaint), like Bat For Lashes, seem a bit wan in retrospect. Big year for moods with long bridges, songs not so much, Florence & Machine is all songs. When you talk about songs, it makes you sound like an old, old A&R guy. Once, when I was a young woman in Los Angeles, and had a boss, we had a meeting with a guy who did A&R, who stopped our meeting to yell 'YOU KNOW WHO HAS SONGS? TOWER OR POWER! TOWER OF FUCKING POWER!" and then played us several tracks of TOP's 1974 album Back To Oakland at the sort of volume you rarely encounter indoors. Like riding mower loud.
The Florence and the Machine record is better than Back to Oakland

I also had the "I want a turkey sandwich" song by Mika Miko stuck in my head since June. I guess that counts as a best then. I really loved a Juliana Barwick song I got on a mix. Not sure the EP is best, but that one with the piano is great. My other best, is Trey Songz "I Invented Sex". And every song on David Bazan's Curse Your Branches was best. And also, also, I like the 2nd Alicia Keys single quite a bit. Also, I love that she walks really awkwardly in heels.
And Emily Lacy "Winter Dawn" off Armor -- total also best.

I don't think I listened to a hardcore record this whole year. OLD SOFTIE WARNING SIGN.

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