December 27, 2009


Saw the alligator about 3 or 4 times. Everytime I yelled "ALLIGATOR" so he/she knew I did. I never really thought of alligators being girls til right now. But I guess they have to be.
Saw sunning turtles tons. No sharks. Not one.
Finally home home. The cats will barely speak to me.
My email is messed up, it'll be fixed tomorrow. Purely FYI.

Last night I dreamt I worked at a drive through holistic animal doctor place where people could bring spiders they found with a leg missing, or have a cats sore tail repaired with incenses, appointments also involved watching a video on the many benefits of "prolonged nudity". For humans. My boss was Tim Nordwin, the short, quirky guy in OK GO. Perfect as the wacky doctor. We all had clothes on.

Prolonged nudity. 2010. Make it part of your resolution.

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