December 16, 2009


Here's a quote from amazing interview with NYT film critic Manohla Dargis, who Richard Brody in his New Yorker film blog put her down for viewing movies through the limited lens of gender, though one might suggest she sees things a lot fucking clearer than he does:
"Do you think that a woman would have been able to get forty million dollars to make a puppet movie the way that Wes Anderson has been able to make, bringing to bear all the publicity and advertising budget of Fox? After two movies that didn't make a lot of money? I think this is true for a lot of black filmmakers too they're held to a higher standard. And an unfair standard. You can be a male filmmaker and if you're perceived as a genius a boy genius or a fully-formed adult genius that you are allowed to fail in a way that a woman is not allowed to fail."

FUCK YES. I LOVE HER! Also, note all the references to women not helping each other out once they have achieved in the boys club--it's just what we were reading in Reinventing Womanhood--successful women protecting their tokenism, disavowing other women or their own gender, feminism to keep them instilled in the boys club. Also, in case you can't read all of Brody's Wes Anderson profile online, just picture Brody with Anderson's dick in his right hand and a copy of Royal Tennebaums in his left--for about the time it would take you to read ten pages of the New Yorker.


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