December 15, 2009


Was there no mention of NSBM or neo-nazism at this symposium on Black Metal or was it just not reported? Does the paper just assume that after so many trend pieces we all just know it's a given, we know the elements: cassette four-tracking, the Nordic lore, corpse paint, that we're up on Marduk's "concept" record about that secret-to-Nazi-invasion-success the Panzer Division included

Also, singer for Liturgy, same article, refusal of meaning: Im not so interested in defending anything I say, Mr. Hunt-Hendrix replied. I only like to be judged on whether its interesting or not. If you don't find what yr making worth defending, why make it? When bands/artists pull this, it has a mystifying effect--such an anti-intellectual cop-out makes you seem more "artistic". If you don't your work to be defined or interpreted or criticized, don't play shows or put out records--just shoot the fucking CD into space. There it can exist, contextless and undefined, save for it's status as nouveau spacejunk.

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