December 07, 2009


Tune Yards are a band my sister turned me on to. I know, they have been up all over the Pitchfork internet body and subsequent zillion blog collosaaall one-mind hive who probably have been posting items like "TUNE YARDS TRACK LIST REVEALED" third quarter 0-8 or thereabouts. "Revealed" is for magicians and Iran-Contra like scandals--I stand by that. Anyhow, I ignored the Tune Yard band because they have up-down capitals to their name like TuNe YaRdS like a sign for some wacky Evanston hippie mom store (purple felted purses and "funky" knits), and I think also because everytime I heard their name I thought "Skin Yard", which is a band that might whet the appetites of 80's babies who missed grunge on the first pass, but seeing them once open for the Fluid, well, it was enough to keep me from listening. So I am just passing this one on--tUnE-yARDS = not bad at all. Certain types of yodeling, I like!

It snowed genuine while we slept. Winter has made itself real again.

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