December 04, 2009


I think this blog is pretty great. People who write well when they are drunk is kind of, well, I am not envious, but most people think they are lucid genius revelators when they are loaded, and so when someone is actually a better writer while wasted than most people are sober, well, I at least have some awe.

I am not sure my brain works very well anymore. I think it has to do with what I am feeding it. I also turned into a hobbit. Maybe I will have to come out of my cave, be in the world again. Hobbits have hair all over their feet. I don't, except for on the bottoms. The bottoms are like a horses mane. Swear to god.

I am thinking about the next book to make. The last one was pretty much everything I know/knew, my wad so to speak. I'd like to think I have more than a wad, creatively speaking. I feel pretty wad-TBA right now though.

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