December 02, 2009


The sheet said to be there at eight even though my segment wasn't on until almost 10. I watched the host of Good Morning America unveil a themed holiday window with the mayor of San Antonio TX who described the holiday season of America's seventh largest city as "romantic". Who had a romantic Thanksgiving? The people of San Antonio. There was fake snow being sprinkled in the tv studio and the host tried to catch it in her mouth and I thought she should know better than to try to eat particle foam on live TV.

One of the books in the green room was a spiral bound self published memoir of a previous guest who had survived a sky diving accident. There was also recent picture of Billy Dee Williams with the Take Five hosts, framed. Today I was on between the panel discussion of celebrity news, which was heavy on Tiger. The local comedian and his manager worked out what his bit was going to be on the otherside of the green rooms fake wall. He wasn't funny.

I shared the green room with the other guests for the day, a guy from the local fondue spot who was going to show how to make fondue at home and a psychic who was going to take calls. Once the psychic sat down, she wouldn't stop talking to me and Fondude. About the transitions of hair-do from (horrid to okayish) of the news anchor, her grandchildren, Tiger, christmas trees, everything. I managed to block most of it out by reading about masturbation deaths in Details.

The host of my segment identified herself as a huge Guns N' Roses fan. We talked, then I "set up" the tent by taping the blanket thrown over the amp to two chairs. Apparently, they thought I was going to get in it and were confused when I didn't.

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