November 25, 2009


I know we have all come upon these sentiments ourselves sometimes but, dude, Glenn Branca is bummed and also--I know maybe Animal Collective is not his thing, and given that he's a New Yorker there is still a heavy hippejam fallout on the boroughs, but this op-ed should have been titled "Why Live?" or and also no editor should of let him open with a line about paradigm shift and then not support it esp. since the paradigm shift in question is a personal one and it's called "aging". Maybe he's just keeping up on the wrong MP3 blogs, maybe he is alienated by the Forkcast. Thurston needs to hook the dude up with some new 7 inches or something. Please remind me never to write an "everything sucks" op-ed in the Times when I get old.

Posted by jessica hopper at November 25, 2009 09:57 AM | TrackBack