November 23, 2009


I liked this little NYT slide show on the New Yorker cartoonist couple. Matching glasses.

Artist couples making it work is a favorite topic--romantic proofs, I guess. I finally got to the Golub/Spero documentary the other evening, and the highlight was Golub in 86-88, explaining how he works, and also Nancy coming in and telling him exactly what was wrong with what he was doing. Also, him walking around New York, it is what you imagine it would look like if all you knew was Daydream Nation.

Also, a note about the things you/I don't remember about the eighties: men in bands wore shorts. Judging by the pics in the CHOMP reissue, the guys in Pylon only wore shorts.
Dude on the left in misshapen PIL tee not (making a muscle) holding the fence is kind of how I feel inside most of the time. Not sure I have a better explanation than "him".
Punk was for wimps, thank goshness.

When Matt and I watched Golub/Spero he told me a story about how he got in trouble at school for making an Ollie North-in-shades drawing on his book cover and had to go to the principal. I had an x-small Ollie North For President joke shirt I was fond of. I wonder where that shirt is now.
(Being worn with a pair of small, thin, red shorts I hope.)


Golub/Spero is pretty great save for that the Golub documentaries are well-done, high grade, cover his whole career and the Nancy Spero docs are blurry, do not have decent sound, zoom in and out on fragments of her work, and are super short. They're mostly document the process of installation of her work. There is better info on her work in the documentaries about her husband, though thats kind of how it went back in the day. It's available on the Netflix, as are the ARt 21 doc on her and the ultra-inspirational doc Our City Dreams which has Kiki Smith and Ghada Amer in it, amongst others. They talk about their feminism a lot. It is satisfying.


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