October 20, 2009


The farmy markt is in it's second to last regular week here and seriously, bubblegum pears at $2 a pound--the one time of year I make sure not miss at the markt. It makes you wonder why god even bothered inventing other fruit. Except for maybe dinosaur plums/pluots.

Tomorrow it will be 70, it said on the news.

I will have to unhibernate. Premature hibernator, the rumors are true. I am already like 3 months ahead at that point where you have barely seen anyone in two weeks, you have five books out from the library and are managing to finish them all and Netflix streaming is really getting the best of my brain power, alternating trash-suck pop tv with tragic Korean orphan movies (Treeless Mountain was sad and so great). It's not even November and I have given up like it's the lustreless end of February.

Perhaps I will take the "what you should be doing with your life" quiz in the Oprah Magazine I got for the plane, and it will tell me whats up.

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