October 19, 2009


Nancy Spero, one of my feminist heroes, has died.

If you do not know her work, seek it out. Here's a clip from Our City Dreams a doc about five female artists in New York that came out last year. You can get it on Netflix. When I saw it last year, I prayed a little--please god let my work be that vital when I am 80--and a little envious of her true, true partnership with Leon Golub.

Spero's work was and is explicitly feminist, explicitly political, explicitly anti-war, suffused with eroticism, hidden natures and protest. I had read about her in a book about another feminist artist and went to the library to find the monograph on her. I couldn't check it out and I remember sitting there looking very slowly at the whole thing, debating trying to steal it because I just wanted to be with it. Like all great feminist work, it says something you have been trying to express your whole life but didn't have the prose or the strokes or the anger or compassion--to take it in feels like new language at your disposal.

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