October 17, 2009


Home again.
Cincy is like Cleveland, but with more furriers and zero litter anywhere, more deco.

And fucking Brueggers. No one has salt bagels but Brueggers. I die for those.

I asked my phone directions to the thrift store and it guided to me to the middle of the alley behind the bus station.

I didn't know anyone know anyone at the book festival except I half know Anne Byrn, aka "The Cake Doctor", best-selling author through my same publisher. She says she has to do cooking demos with her stuff otherwise no one believes her baking skill because she is skinny. I also saw Carol Tyler twice. I blushed whenever we talked, I had nothing to say, just geek out. I used to read her in all the feminist comic anthologies when I was in 10th grade. I felt like I was flirting, because I would say stuff and instantly think "Oh my god, I am such a moron." She's got a new book out--a memoir--from fanatagraphics. Go get it!

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