October 08, 2009


Before we cha cha out with the previous question, our fair friend, Jane Dark, to the West asks:

"Who gets to decide what morality is?"

The eternal brain burner.

Meanwhile, Kate Harding's blog has a pretty splendid guest post about male privilege right meaning that dudes get to walk down the street without having to assess whether the other people on the street are a rape threat. "Do you think Iím overreacting? One in every six American women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. I bet you donít think you know any rapists, but consider the sheer number of rapes that must occur. These rapes are not all committed by Phillip Garrido, Brian David Mitchell, or other members of the Brotherhood of Scary Hair and Homemade Religion." Everyone needs to read it. Also, it is funny, unlike most articles about rape fear. I wish I had the email of the guy who I thought was following me home two weeks ago, though he clearly saw it as something else as he placed a missed connection for me later that day. Matt did me the tender yet manly favor of writing to the dude and letting him know that following me from Reckless, for the better part of a mile, is actually totally fucking creepy. The guy wrote back saying he didn't even consider that, he was just hoping to talk to me.

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