October 01, 2009


Interview with Agnes Varda in the new Believer.
I just realized I have her haircut.

Returned my 4 months overdue copy of Dave Hickey's Air Guitar, which got lost in a pile of laundry from first book tour. I think I got through the introduction before I lost it. $47.50 later, they let me check out collected Maxine Kumin and Adrienne Rich. Writing A Woman's Life inspired a serious reading list and the desire to get feminist book club off the ground for winter. Spend a life-changing penny and get it. All the books that changed my life go for under a dollar these days. Maybe I will just buy 100 of them and hang out on the street passing them out to cool girls and dudes. Make a little stand, Peanuts style. Stop by if you want to talk about subverted anger in womens autobiography and where that got us, Doctor is in.

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