September 30, 2009


Reading Samantha Geimers grand jury testimony about how Roman Polanski raped her is heartbreakingly sad in several ways. It is a heartbreaking artifact of the dark ages of rape prosecutions--what you wore and prior sexual history and a room full of adult men asking if you know what climax and semen is or how she knew his penis was inside her. Even sadder is how it's presented in that terrible movie made to vindicate him, presented so selectively, as if she was indecisive or didn't know what she was saying. I am also angry that a few film critics who I respect, directors I love (Woody--sure, repping for his own predatorial auteur kind, but Almodovar? DUDE! You are a fucking feminist! Wong Kar-wai are you really supporting a raper?!)--are behind him. I am also mad that people keep saying "he had sex with" because technically, that was the plea he got convicted on/with, and that is how it is to be reported. But the sex was illegal, the sex was rape. He asked a 13 yr old girl if she was on the pill WHILE he was raping her, and when she said no, stuck it in her ass--for that alone, he should have to spend the rest of his life in whatever shitty American jail has an open bunk, not on house arrest in a chalet.

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