September 13, 2009


JJ's sister is also known as JJ, "big" JJ, she is. Big JJ asked me to speak, but I didn't know I was going to. I could of talked for two or three hours. I think I talked for about 5 minutes. I do not ever want to eulogize anyone I love ever again. The giant pictures up everywhere, blownup xeroxes of her, it looked like maybe we were giving a seminar on her life. We were I suppose. 250 people. As her mom said, JJ would of loved it, she loved a good turn out. The room was heavy with folks that should of been dead by now, but they were tough motherfucking junkies then, and they made it out. They have kids and families and lives worth preserving and many years sober, against all odds and luck and everything that exists beyond luck. All I could think is that we shouldn't of all have outlived JJ. But we did. And it's a stupid fucking shame, but we did; we are outliving.

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