September 08, 2009


Came across this in a Richard Buckner interview today:

"That felt really good, just burning all of my old writing. Going through there and reading all that stuff, it's so embarrassing what you wrote as a young man or you're going through some writing process where you wanted to be. You're like, "I would need to die in a car wreck if someone actually sees this." [Laughs.] I was trying to do some writing for a book of short stories and I started to write, and I realized I wasn't a writer. I have thousands of stories in my head from the traveling I've been doing and all the stuff I've witnessed and thought about over the years. I went through and read what I had written about, and I thought, "This is ridiculous. I have to get rid of this. It's just confusing me." So I had to burn everything. It cleaned the palette. I may have over-cleaned, but I think ultimately in a year I'll be able to start over again and start writing. It will be really good for me to not have that old personal detritus. I'll be able to not think about it again. I have no options. It's all burned now."

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