September 03, 2009


1. Even upon learning the sad circumstances of his sad circumstances, knowledge of the death of Jaco Pastorius, hasn't made Joni's Hejira palatable still. That broad-toned brummm brummm bup bup bruuuuummm of fretless jazz bass is just something I cannot deal with, it is like someone is smoothing animal feces over a cake and trying to pass it as frosting.

2. This new Nick Cave book, the Bunny Munro book is like a temple of tribute to Bukowski. It's like, 79% obsession with getting a panting glimpse of a ladies underpants or whats contained within them. The rest is people talking. If it was Bukowski, though he'd be talking about how much he hated the lady and loved her vagina, or maybe hated both and himself. Yeah, the latter. The erotic imagination and deprivations of middle aged men are the dominant paradigm of post war American fiction. Roth did everyone in. It is the swaggering Stones-lick of literature, methinks. It has a certain appeal, which lies large in a certain warm familiarity--exes, books you liked when you were a certain age. It's like the supermarket bodice-ripper genre for those who feel a wee bit guilty for their role in the patriarchy. Whats the inverse of a bodice ripper? A panty ripper? I have to get further into Bunny Munro to know for sure whether it is a panty ripper or no. (I really hate the word "panties", but "Panty"--singular--not so bad.)

3. For a more refreshing read, erotic imagination paradigm flip, obsession still present, gender reversed: Maggie Nelson's lyrical essay/poems/obsession-as-autobiography is a STUNNING work. I finished it and then started it again, then went and ordered her other books. Magnificent, on all counts. A real must-have for the feminist/poetry fan of any stripe. If I had yr number, I would just call you and read it to you.

4. I think the perfect tape for the car would maybe only have "Thunder Road" and "Candy's Room" on one side--maybe the live versions from that 88 Boss recording. The other side would have "Benny and the Jets", and the slow songs off Best of Elton and maybe 1 Doobie Brothers song of yr choosing.

5. I am scared of the indications of third wave emo nostalgia. Like the Nostalgia of those who did not live through it, who will discover Brand New after the fact and support their reunion tours because it's the music they grew up on, or the music their parents played around the house. My parents generation music that is meaningful to me, I like it's smoothness, freedom, curious excess, Jesus-y vibes, it's golden tones of innocence--all the pre-Reagany feelgood. Will emo's sour pout still hold 26 years out? Will people like it because it reminds them of the pathos of their baby years?

6. The neighbor across the hall who just moved in was spotted with a Ninja Turtles towel thrown over his shoulder, a stretched out hoodie on and scraggly everything. We have nicknamed him Waaves.

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