August 31, 2009


In Nashville, we were in the middle of laundry when we realized we'd mad a grevious miscalculation regarding time and distance to Champaign-Urbana and so the wet laundry went into the windows to dry in the hot Kentucky sun.

About 50 miles later, the check engine light was on, and the only place to stop was the Wildcat Ford dealership in the middle of nowhere. Despite it being a foreign car and all, they were keen on helping us "young ladies in distress". Here is Sari in her ultimate hoser outfit with the Wildcat Ford Pig. We raced to Champaign-Urbana, did 90 the entire way, got there exactly 1:15 after doors, to a gaggle of pre-teens out kinda late for a school night. The promoter had the hippie soundguy play an opening set to buy time. I ran from the car directly onto the stage.

We went to Joanna's house, where her neighbor with the jeep asked us "What are you ladies doing later tonight?" I don't think he would have been interested in what we had planned. We fished the glowing high bounce balls out from the bag of special flower remedies and and watched the tornado from the porch til we had to go inside, and then watched the flood from inside and the girls did an herbal tarot reading by candlelight, for maximum spook factor, and I found out I have garlic/the tower as my obstacle. It was intense!

The next morning we went to the campus womens center for a reading, and the girls raided the Potbellys buffet they had provided. We waddled back to the car with pockets stuffed full of paper napkins and crumbley cookies.

The womens center had prom dresses displayed that had been painted and worn to various protests. I'd probably just wear that to class if I had it though.

Next night was Boxcar Books in Bloomington, where there were tons of kids until one of the Ghost Bees forgot to not sing "shit" in one of the songs, and then there were a few less kids and parents.

Katie and her band and girlfriend Mandy returned to the tour. In this picture we are debating whether to poop on the doorstep of Laughing Planet Burritos out of revenge. Not really, but almost. Rudest service any of us ever had in our lives. I explained to them what an Upper Decker is, and they do not have that term in Canada and kept called it a "Hopper Decker"--wrong. We drove home that night because the next morning we had to be ready to boogie with a noon soundcheck.

Fatal Attraction opened. Oh my gosh they were amazing. They should have headlined. They opened with Jennifer Hudson's "Spotlight"--and one of the girls dads or uncle was filling in for one of the keyboardist who had a school event--Glass Bricks loaned him their Wurly.
I almost cried and I was not alone.
Fiona's band, Circular Convention played next.
They are a girls rock camper band--instrumental and Pixies-esque.
Sisters/rhythm section.
Jackie, rock camper and Melissa, rock camp counselour/bosslady.
Ballet moves for the Ghost Bees set.
Katies set also inspired some moves.
Crabwalk, limbo and cartwheels.
And the splits. I had the real distinct feeling that it was more than just celebration and fun dancing, they were trying to show the girls on stage what they could do back at them.

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