August 30, 2009


And so our story begins where we left off: Brooklyn USA, where the junkie wolverines ripped the stereo from Katies car and stole a box of muffins AND 2 jean jackets, and where the Ghost bees and I lost merch to some puddle--a moment which would soon become a turning point for our wee tour...

Katie waiting for the cops while our merch dries in the sun. One way to keep people from taking your merch is to make heavy merch. No one wants to make off with four 42 lb boxes of books for little girls. We left it to dry and my sister and I drove across Brooklyn and I got a new window.

Dusk was coming and we still had to make it to Baltimore. Katie stayed behind in vain hopes she could get her dashboard repaired and still make the show--instead they texted they were heading back to Toronto to take care of Maya's border problem early and so we wouldn't see them again til the midwest. The Ghost Bees put their stuff in my trunk and we did 90 the whole way, made it a mere 32 minutes after doors, and then everyone told us no one comes to shows til 11, no matter what time you say they start. The girls and I ate amazing fried planatains and watched Rjyan give a lecture as the opening act.

It was about how since everyone is concerned with the economy now, no one has time to keep up on celebrity culture and gossip, so he filled us in. He started with Brangelina's divorce, Will Farrell starring in a movie about how homelessless makes you happy and ended with Kevin Federline recording an Eno-like album on an Arp and then stabbing his own eye out at the VMAS. Apparently we missed all of it. I was crying with laughter.

The next morning, Rjyan and Roby took us to breakfast; we took a scenic route.
And saw this.
And walked through the corn, the forest, over a stream and
through a lacrosse field.

We went to DC, tried to see the White House, drove past the USDA instead. We didn;t play ping pong, but we did eat tons of pizza. Sasha and Malia didn't show up, though we really wished hard. Obama-band needs to happen. They should take lessons from Mary Timony, who teaches now. Kids and adults, if'n yr in the DC area, heres yr chance to learn how to shred from a master.

Sparkle toys that blink when you highbounce em; they kept us occupied all tour.
We bought the paper and Sari read it aloud, we were shocked but not at all surprised to hear of MJ's murder.
We'd been listening to mostly cooking podcasts for days, we were out of touch.

We got to Chapel Hill and went two blocks to Carrboro, for the fish tacos at Carrburrito. The girls tried sweet tea and did not find it to their liking. They don't drink tea with that much sugar in the Maritimes I guess. We hatched a plan to keep the show on time so we could come back before 10 and get sweet potatoes burrito. I could eat there 100 times a day. 9:56 rolled around and we were just loading out. Foiled again!

Heather let me do the sign for the night. It was the first day of school in NC, no kids came, but grown up girls did, and the Ghost Bees put on quite a show.

They incorporated the blinking hi-bounce balls and a story about their friends birth--a water birth, with dolphins. "Actually, the dolphin helps and it brings the baby up to the surface." said Sari. "This is what you're missing by not having socialized health care," said Romy 'Dolphin birth." People were crying they were laughing so hard. The girls are real comedians.
Pink Flag played after. I thought they were still teenagers--but they are all in college now, old enough to crack beers legally. They were so good.

We drove a few hours into the night and when we woke up in Hickory, we went to Waffle House. We had been talking about it for four days already.
The windsheild thinger started peeling up, so I did what any tour manager would and covered it in gaff tape til it worked again.
You know how about a week into tour, you just start kind of looking like hell, you stop caring about looking cool, and you just start looking like yr going camping with your parents? For me that was in Tennesee, at the all wooden gas station.
We saw all saw this graffiti in the bathroom and decided we are on the side of "fuck you"--not the uncle.
Next tour we are totally playing this festival.
This was about 1/3rd of the audience for Nashville. Another 1/3rd, on the other side of the aisle at Grimeys also looked like Steve Earle's roadies. Grimeys ad/tweets for the event mentioned that Ghost Bees were folk, so tons of older studio cats and jobbers--folks enthusiasts--came out.


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