August 21, 2009


This book tour is like a rock tour, but touring with new friend girls, Canadian conquergirls, and my gear consists of a page marked book and a sportsbottle it is like mobile powerchilling. No long hauls in the sleeping loft. It's so... decent. And then there are the long talks, you know, like explaining concealed carry gun laws. Less little ladies this time out, more teens and grown ups, rock clubs still being the province of the old, but in Cleveland I did have a front row 4 yr old, mashing a rubber dinosaur in her tiny teeth maw, who would occasionally repeat--yelping--a word I had just read "TOUR!" "GUITAR!" like a pint sized cheerleader.

Clevelands flooding and torrential downpour lifted an hour before Visible Voice reading (now in my top 3 of bookstores in america, hands down the best film section i have ever browsed) and it was so nice by 7:30 that they had me read in the courtyard outside.

The night and today all day was just like all luck, sweet fate, bounty and auspiciousness all the way around. And I get to see Ghost Bees and Katie's band every night, which is--it's hard not to sound like a total sap--but they are the best example bands to match the book I could conceive of. Carmen has been playing guitar for 17 years--since she was 3. Maya plays a half kit/xylophone standing up since she studied Butoh. Katie has a hugenormous voice and brings all her piano training into her baroque nu wave vision. The Ghost Bees have been on tour non stop and are basically musical nomads, self taught, the are like antiquity-folk doom metal, but with a mandolin, singing about their twin-birth and feminist witch allegories. And, ironically enough, their entrance into our country for this tour was complicated by the American Border Patrol not actually believing they were in a band, because they are girls. Even after finding the guitar, keyboard, xylophone and 50 cds with katies name on the cover. Instead they assumed Maya was trying to immigrate illegally, rather than tour, because, well, you know, girls don't have real bands.

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