August 19, 2009


Again, for the half-hundredth time: I am tour from now til the end of the month please come visit me at these things, see Katies boss band and also if you have a mixtape or CD to share, I would be grateful cos I am totally going to run out of cooking podcasts by this Saturday. I like my reggae old, my techno either way minimal or totally Ibiza gross, disco that is not too disco/Discobelle, hardcore that is not macho and you know the rest (local girl bands, doo wop). No this-weeks-P4k trend bands. I can't listen to fake Les Savvy Fav bands in the car. Not to be picky, but just to help you help me.

Look at this picture of Annie Potts for inspiration:

and also, this picture of Wyatt in the Canadian kick drum:

If you live in an east coast secondary market, see you this week.


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