August 13, 2009


Start to half finish it was an unusual day for us. Errands and pre-tour hustling and then went and hung out at the hospital where Matt found out he did not have a hernia, but only after the prettiest doctor in the history of doctors (including but not limited to women who play doctors on TV) touched his nuts. I missed that part because I was outside on the curb doing a pre-interview with a producer for Fox and Friends, because I am going on TV tomorrow morning at DAWN O CLOCK (6:50CST am) to be counterpoint to a NJ mom who things Miley and her short shorts are a harbinger of sin and vice. If I was 16 and owned a horse farm and supported a multi-national Mousporation and my entire family, and was the top grossing concert performer of 2008 under the age of 35, I'd be pissed if anyone was telling me how to wear my drawers. In between the Fox chat and Matt's freebie w/ Dr. Julie, I started Werner Herzog's CONQUEST OF THE USELESS and it's slaughtering my mind. It's his diary about making Fitzacarraldo By about the 9th entry, 2 people have lost toes, he's been in a boat accident, he's insulted Coppola, he's been hit in the head with an object and almost speared, he's watched a kitten slowly die, he's watched pigs get butchered, he's watched a human use a flailing half dead cow as a couch, he's touched a corpse, examined a strange mans scabs, and HE'S ONLY BEEN ON LOCATION FOR TWO DAYS.

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