August 12, 2009


T-minus A WEEK until tour. Please please please come to the tour, or tell yr friends to come, yr cousin, pen pals and band mate and yr mom. I convinced Katie Stelmanis and the girls in her band, including but not limited to The Ghost Bees that I would be a good shepherd here in America. I have also convinced my pal Carol Bui, who you know from her album on Temporary Residence, or from her being a radical gal of the DC scene, that her and the girls in her band should come play at the library instead of a rock club. Please, please, tender reader I am hoping to draw on your support on this next jaunt. Katie's band is so great, Ghost Bees are great, my reading is well practiced so I think I am probably a pretty good time as well, and I will have buttons and books for sale, too. We are traveling in a fleet of Accords. Please come to the shows and be the extra proof to the young girls that come that the scene is an inclusive place and being part of it is fun. Also, I think we need a place to stay in Asheville, NC after the Chapel Hill show, if you can fit 5 Canadians and me in yr casa, plz holler.

8/19 Oak Park, IL @ Oak Park Public Library 7 p.m., reading & concert w/ Carol Bui band (all-ages, free). 824 Lake street, 2 blocks from the Green Line stop.

8/20 Cleveland, OH @ Visible Voice Bookstore 7:30 pm, reading only--the bands are at Happy Dog @ 9

8/20 Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog (5801 Detroit Ave) Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees & me DJ-ing & beardo bandini (9 p.m., $4, all-ages)

8/21 Pittsburgh @ Garfield Art Works w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees (6:30 doors, reading, bands & dance party! all-ages)

8/22 Brooklyn, NY @ Littlefield w/ These Are Powers & Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees & me & DJ's MNDR & L-Train. 6pm. BBQ 7 pm show $8 and 16+ (sorry)

8/23 Baltimore @ Comet Ping Pong w/ Katie Stelmanis & Lucia Lucia & May from Pree (7 pm, all-ages, $3 kids $5 adults)

8/25 Chapel Hill, NC @ Nightlight w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees & Pink Flag (all-ages, $5, 7 pm)

8/26 Nashville, TN @ Grimey's w/Katie Stelmanis (6 pm, all ages, free.)

8/27 Champaign-Urbana, IL @ The Red Herring w/ Katie Stelmanis (all ages, $3 kids $5 kids, 7 pm)

8/28 Champaign-Urbana, IL @ Women's Resources Center at UIUC @ the corner of Wright and Green on the UIUC campus
(703 S. Wright Street, 2nd Floor) reading & discussion only 12 noon

8/28 Bloomington, IN @ Boxcar Books & Community Center w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees (all-ages, $3 kids-$5 kids, 7 pm)

8/29 Chicago @ Hideout w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees & Glass Bricks and the debut of pre-teen/teen-band Fatal Attraction 1-4 pm (under 8 free, $4 kids, $7 adults ALL AGES WELCOME, duh)

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