August 11, 2009


Sometimes, sometimes often actually, just thinking about planning this wedding of mine makes me want to punch the world in the face.

I am the mortal enemy of fiasco and tradition. Combine them and theres "wedding". Everyone says "you can do it exactly your way", but there is a form that things are supposed to follow. Unless you have some bizerk hippie wedding where people can bring their dog.

Weddings are expensive. This is about all I know so far. That and most wedding dresses do not have sleeves and are not made from wool. It's the winter! what am I supposed to do, wear a sweater over it?

Tonight I said to Matt, well actually maybe I just thought it, but at this rate I have a feeling in lieu of catering, we're just gonna have to order Bacci and maybe have Tamale Guy swing through. What is it?--like 5 Tamales for a couple bucks?--and a free napkin--and you have to be fucking wasted to finish an entire ziploc of those. I bet you could get a whole little cooler of them for like $50.

No doubt you could feed an entire 100 person wedding reception with like 3 Bacci pizzas and two Tamale Guys.

Wonder if Bacci would throw in free cups of grape pop like they do when you order in? I am trying to remember who was so drunk last summer that Scheid and I convinced them that during the winter Bacci serves the grape soda hot.

So, the funny thing about having made a book for kids is that now I have penpals who are all of 12. The only bummer is now I have to keep everything clean. Tweets. Facebook posts. Probably this. If yr writing about my book somewhere, do not link here. I don't want to have to stop swearing because my 9 year old friends and their parents are checking out TLGenius. Cool?

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