August 04, 2009


Where is my summer? I feel like it's just been sleeping and then going to the bank for laundry quarters and I spend those on parking and now there is a clothes mountain in my room.

When I was a young person I had a routine: watch tv and eat fruit roll ups til about noon, then bike around the lake as fast as I could three times (roughly 9 miles), come home and wait for the mail to come, then read Newsweek or Us News & World report if they came, otherwise I'd just read the paper. Sometimes I would work on a sewing project, like fashioning a hat or a cape for wearing around my room, possibly work on a painting, do some sort of "project". Then I would mow the yard, brush the dogs, vacuum or load the dishwasher before my parents got home and then treat myself to a few marshmellows I had warmed in the microwave. I also remember ready a lot of "salacious" books about dead people: Wired: The John Belushi Story was a fave along with Go Ask Alice which implanted the misconception that acid was so addictive you'd start tricking for it.

This was my routine, as I remember it, about 4th-8th grade.
My adult routine seems way less industrious. I would like to mow a yard.If I had kept in line with my kid ambitions, I would totally be wiling away my time in a woodshop, not blogging.

After starting in on half a dozen books so awful they had to be abandoned in airplane seatback pockets, I have started on two I expect to finish: Groucho Marx's Memoir of a Mangy Lover which is puns and slow-wind up funny stories with clean sex joke punchlines and a bunch of one-liners about dogs. When it's funny, it's a really satisfying funny. I am also reading Belushi the oral history, which I think is a kind of setting-the-record-straight post-Wired objective, and is honest but also kind of cannonizing--painting him as a freakishly-gifted, over-the-top, good-at-everything. He was also college friends with Suze Orman (Oprah's financial guru) and spent his early life in the same neighborhood where I now live. These are my two favorite fun facts I have learned so far.

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