August 01, 2009


We half watched the last half of The Burden of Dreams on the new C shaped Librarace's boudoir couch. I can watch that movie a million times and am still hungry for it. Matt and I took turns sleeping and then poking each other awake with our legs. When you fall asleep while watching a movie, the sleep feels so long because plot has developed while you snoozed, so a 3 minute nod feels like 40 or 45 minutes of bed sleep, you have no idea where you are within the plot unless you know it already. I woke up in time for the "violence of the yungle" speech, about how as human westerners, in comparison we are like poorly articulated half-sentences of some boring suburban. I am not even sure he says "suburban person" I think he's saying "suburban" like he says "Peruvian".

Now after we watched that and then all the extras, it is hard to sleep. In "Eats His Shoe" Herzog, in what is it? 1976? the day after he eats his shoe which has been boiled and seasoned in the kitchen at Chez Panisse--in that interview he says we should go to literal war against commercials, how commercials are offensive to life, basically. I cannot try and sleep, I just want to think about how to take the dare that is Herzogs ideas.

Tonight, we worked on what is my favorite part of when Matt moves back in--the hanging of the art. Matt went to college for art before he went to college for lawyering and so he's really meticulous and pro and about nailing things up. He uses a measuring tape. I do everything by feel, so I am in awe. When he comes on home, back in to the home that is our home, he really classes the place up. He jokes that his St. Louis apartment was the bachelor museum, but I think, mine is really the bachelorette ghetto. I am unruly, a keeper of piles and unscheduled days and imma-arteest excuses, spoiled enfant from yrs of solitudiness working, never making the bed, using that bed as an office, working when I want, lazing when I want, cooking for one, discipline or regard rarely called for. My lifestyle is like a blast radius still. I am totally the bachelor-mess of our relationship.

I did manage to get quarters for laundry today, though.
I am getting it together. Tryin.

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