July 27, 2009



1. I am on Chicago Tonight tomorrow, Tuesday. I GET TO TALK WITH PHIL PONCE. FOR SIX MINUTES. Totally unreal. If you have PBS and a Tv and remember to get a receptor box, see you then. Channel 11.I think it's on at like 7? I just painted my nails reggae for the occasion.

2. Thursday @ 1:30 pm at Harold Washington Library downtown Chi-Boogie town in the YouMedia state of the art digital media youths area, I will read and discuss my book, and then! immediately after there will be a HOW TO USE GARAGEBAND TO RECORD YOUR MUSIC HOW TO TUTORIAL AND WORKSHOP FOR KIDS.

3. If you work at or shop at an independent record store, indie shops can order the book through CIMS/Coalition of Independent Music Stores starting next week.

4. If you live in Chicago and do not want to shop at the hateful B&N Jr. sections that shelves my book with potty books, the book is now available for purchase at Reckless in Wicker Park and at Quimbys, so you can pick it up when you go in for the new issue of Butt.

5. Next tour is 100% locked down and confirmed if you are in Oak Park library, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Brooklyn (FEMINIST BLOW OUT PARTY WHAT!), Baltimore, DC, Chapel Hill, Nashville, Bloomington IN, Champaign-Urbana and ending in Chicago with young girl and campers bands getting added to the bill. AUGUST! RULING! SECONDARY MARKETS #1 IN MY HEART.

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