July 21, 2009


I know I have wished long and hard for high speed rail to come to Chicago, and I have ridden it in Europe and also I think in Japan (that tour was a blur of fish balls and naps) and today I went on an especially fast no stops one from Philly to NYC and I got to the verge of puking. Be careful what you wish for, it just might make you barf.

The outskirts of Newark NJ look like my idea of heaven. Decrepit and overgrown.

I went to the Central Park and met with my mom and sister. I went to the wrong side and confusion ensued. There is like ah solitary map with a YOU ARE HERE in THE ENTIRE PLACE. I think maybe that is to facilitate people using pedicabs? I thought I had never been there, but I did once go there approximately 12 years ago to see Femi Kuti. My friends friend stood next to me and for the entire 2 or 3 hour Femi set held forth on the Detroit punk scene and the scene at large. I called my sister 12 times before I found where she was in the park today. Apparently saying stuff like "I'm by all those rocks, where am I?" or "I am by the boathouse with a green pointy roof" is futile because there are at least 8 of each.

I walked 80 more blocks today than I usually walk at home. Fifth Avenue is not tremendously exciting as a route, but it is simpler than the wiggly roads of the park, and so I am into it, the capitalist worlds Via Appia that it is.

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