July 19, 2009


Longtime Hit it or Quit it readers will remember fondly, the work of Matt Kessler, who is now back in action, doing a little here or there for Vice, including this thing which I had the honor-YES HONOR- of seeing when he finished it. I laughed til I cried:
A live review of T4: "Sublimated homosexual man vs. sublimated homosexual machine duking it out on the grandest scale possible with no stupid females to get in the way."

I am in Philly. I am secretly hoping my suburban Barnes & Noble gig somehow gets canceled last minute because I want to go to the Gallery mall and get an airbrushed dress length t-shirt with the book's cover on it. I am doing morning TV tomorrow and think maybe that and a belt? I am thinking yes. After seeing that Andrew WK on FOx News thing, I feel like I need to up my weirdness quotient for these things.

Also also: I am going to get married to Matt. I am fianceed now. To such a nice handsome dream of a man who is so good with puns. It was a real surprise. For a split second, I got scared, when he said sit down I have something I need to tell you and I asked "Are you breaking up with me?" and then the little ring box came out and I just grabbed it and put it on. It looks like a tiny white turtle is on my hand. I think it's pretty funny I am going be a wife. Like straight up LOLZ funny. Big week around here, kids. Getting engaged and doing Martha Stewarts radio show. I don't get to meet MS, mind you, it's like a Gayle King/Oprah sitch. I do hope I can parley it into a spread in LIving where we put ric-rac on amp heads and stuff. I hope no one thinks I am jumping the shark. I will try and keep it real, go back to complaining about hardcore bands soon.

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