July 17, 2009


I feel like every girl friend I have ever had has moved to Portland. Not pictured: Ellen, my high-school long bandmate in Seaquest.
Remember that baby Max that was always on the blog in a diaper? He is a big boy now, and has a drum kit and is talking.
View from my room in Seattle was not so bad.
Sean Nelson came out in Seattle. He wrote the best 33 1/3rd book, about Joni Mitchell's Court & Spark, which is I think the great feminist work in the entire book series.
And after the reading, there's the houseshow party. Cryptacize were great. Nedelle, during the last song, ran her hand dramatically down the length of the keyboard to punctuate the chorus, and the third time she did it, she accidentally made it fling from it's stand. Being the professional, she just kept going like it was just a enthusiastic flourish.
The ONLY good thing about 5 and 6 am flights is watching the sun come up.
Oh man! Look it's my brother from another mother, David Scheid! A live review of the book event said there was even a hesher-bro looking dude there, identifying him the sort of dude that's the enemy of my book and young girl bands everywhere. Which is funny, as David actually helped me with the entire book, he was like my #3 most talked-to source. He is friend to all women in bands, unless they are habitually late for bus call. Then he hates you.
The bookseller guy at the event looked familiar. "I was in a Minneapolis band, Scooby Don't."--a.k.a the first local punk band demo cassette I ever owned. FULL CIRCLE, MAN! 9TH GRADE (SLIGHT RETURN)!
Mika Miko playing on the steps of Santa Monica Public library.
Jenna Thornhill DeWitt, in her ultra-visor turned papal hat. Kind of golfing meets Popemobile-wear.
Each one of these people and their music and bands and the way they conduct band business influenced the book. The playing shows anywhere and inclusiveness/reject the bar-shows model sections I read are essentially the No Age/ Lucky Dragons template spelled out in a how-to. It was totally amazing and also made me nervous.
Everyone was dancing for Mika Miko. EVERYONE.
Patty and wife Christina. They came down to the LA reading early to talk to me about the documentary that is being made about Patty's life. Hole fans and old riot girls of the world rejoice, Schemel is getting her rightful due.
Christian brought his whole fam. I think Gabe was a little annoyed that his dad bought him a GIRLS book, though I explained he could just put tape over part of the cover and add some letters and it's Gabe's Guide to Rocking. Christian and I jammed together for most of 1995 and he spent the whole time trying to make me "get" Captain Beefheart.
Jenna and Cali made me sign their book to their future children and their poodle, Caramel Bobby. Here's to Tutenkahman, Beatrix, Penrose and Queenie DeWitt's family band with their dog.
Spiritual forefather with my actual father.
612 reunion. Sean and I pledged to get our Seaquest tapes digitized, there is no reason we shouldn't have a Myspace page 17 years after the fact.
Jimmy Jams Jojo Shabadoo Jr. picked up a copy for his wife. Gotta respect a man who is using his rap-ensemble to start a reading club.
Down in the airport tunnel at midnight. Ooh way-oo-oo!
Laurie Lindeen introduced my Mnpls reading and I had to fight the tears. She is one of the reasons I wanted to start a band. Her book is like Girls Guide to Rocking college girls edition.
The first reading/event so far where the crowd was predominantly girls. It was so amazing to look up and make eye contact with the intent gazes of eleven year olds, I thought I was going to cry. I waited til everyone left before I did though.
This exact moment I will remember forever. My heart exploded with joy. "My name is Dani. D-A-N-I. I am eight. I play guitar. I can almost play an entire Jonas Brothers song."

Remember this girl next time you mock the Jonas Brothers or their fanbase, ok? Next time you make fun of a band saying all their fans are (screaming teenage) little girls, this is who you are laughing at.

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