July 17, 2009


Dear Ms. Music Critic Rocker Hopper,
We would like to introduce ourselves. We are television critics. We are conductors of the TV fame train. In Portland, we thought you were going to break into uncontrollable laughter because you had that look on your face that read 'IDIOTS!'
Also, we enjoyed the time you looked into the camera and made goo goo eyes.

In Minneapolis, your voice dropped an octave but your thought process was much more developed & you sounded like a pro. We feel you have a definite future on the small screen, particularly on local cable access morning variety shows. We will be contacting you soon to give you your big break. Hold your breath.

Truly yours,
Lolo Jones & Gigi Martin, TV consultants extraordinaire
(yr sis & yr mom)

Dictated from Gigi's loft.

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