July 16, 2009


Got a hideous sunburn from outdoor reading, now appear qualified to guide Santa's sleigh. Did live TV on 2 hours of shitty plane sleep and managed to not make it sound pornographic this time. Fortunately, I invested in so hag spackle from MAC pre-tour, which plastered over my hot-pink burn. Tonight is Minneapolis, Magers & Quinn, 7:30 and then straight home to Chicago for a whoooole day. Philly is on Sunday with a RADICAL RADICAL set-up: girls rock philly threw together a whole event for me--T&P gallery--details on the book's site. I get choked up and fawning every time I meet a aspiring girl-rocker at the book events and I dunno what I am gonna do with a whole crew of camper girls. I might explode on sight/site.
also, Jeff from Passion of the Weiss blog compiled/posted a downloadable mix of some of my recent fave songs by ladeez: cop it here: POW/HOPZ MIX

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