July 14, 2009


Portland was totally sweet until the part where I discovered I am insanely allergic to horchata and barfed intermitten-ly for 2 hours. Every good girlfriend I have ever had now lives and loves in PDX and I felt like I was in a hive of love. I met some young girl drummers and guitarists, a 12 year old boy showed up, asked a question and even bought a book, which he had me sign to him. I wondered later if he bought the book or stole it. Or do 12 yr olds roll up to book readings cash in hand? Also in attendance, my friend of the olden time, Ellen, who was the guitarist in Seaquest, our high school fun band with a still-in-braces Sean Tillmann drummed. I think we fancied ourselves a midwestern Huggybear, but that might have been the 40 oz.-ers talking.

Now I am in Seattle. They don't allow a 7:12 am check in, so I was put in the business conference center which had an entrancing water-wall/waterfall and a tea buffet that I straight pilfered. My purse is now stuffed with Swiss Miss packets like a grandma. YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU MIGHT NEED 11 ROCK HARD TEENY TINY FREEZDRIED MARSHMELLOWS TO SNACK ON.

I did phone interviews with wacky morning show dudes who, every 30 seconds yelled things like "WE'RE TALKIN TAYLOR SWIFT AND GIRL POWER THIS MORNING HERE ON 96.1 THE BEE!". It's not even 8 in the morning and I am avec waterfall and "talkin' girlpower" to the Santa Barbara drive time: this book tour is truly the weirdest thing to ever happen to me.

I am at Vera tonight @ 7:30, and LA rager is on Weds.

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