July 13, 2009


Stayed up late with Shayla in her palatial art studio digs, she made a real meal with beets she'd grown herself and I could taste the love. I social smoked too much (any is always too much) and tried on her little yarn-village-huts as hats. Woke up at 5 a.m. sounding like a bullfrog. I am now bleaching this weeks coffee stains off my pearly whites and waiting for my book tour shepherd* to come fetch me and take me to appear on the TV program "AM Northwest". My totally shitty 4 hours of sleep were plagued with every imaginable anxiety dream one could have about being on live TV--accidentally naked, speechless, being yelled at by hosts, made to appear with animals ala Joan Embry--it all happened.

{*I keep referring to the per-city tour managers as docents, though maybe docent is just particular to museums, I just like how that sounds, but that might be be fealty left over from me and Matt's movie idea "Indocent Proposal"--which is about a millionaire who pays an older woman a million dollars to show him around a museum for a night. Please don't steal my idea, I think it could make me rich.}

Portland kids and loved ones: See you at Powells on Hawthorne tonight. It's gonna be fun, I promiz.

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