June 22, 2009


I know, everyone is going to Dirty Projectors and Sea n' Cake for free in the park tonight, but just a heads-up, as I am concerned about your welfare and all. You can go an still make Mika Miko headlining at Beat Kitchen. Jenna with her golden mic and and Jennifer with the telephone! It will be punkspiration to last you through the summer. Come after yr done listening to S&C's buttery sambas and DP's--what is what they are doing? Sufjan gone vulnerable? I'm not hating on Bitte Orca or anything, but you know Dirty Proj's are going to be coming back round like 4 more times this yr due to their eminent indie success story (my we all be the Grizzly Bear of tomorrow!) and that Sea n' Cake will never really break up (again). When yr done laying on the grass at that show, come for the restive at Beat Kitchen after.

Mika Miko came all the way from LA. They tour like 1.5 tours per record, and not to scare you, but, who knows if there will be more on this record. They haven't played here since 2 springs ago. Look at how much fun it's going to be:

Also, Jenna & Cali's dog,LA's art blog star poodle Caramel Bobby, is now followable on Twitter. Also, if you live in LA, I am doing a show with them 7/15 at the library on my book tour , which is now 23 dates long; Pittsburgh, Bloomington, Chapel Hill, two Chicago dates and Oak Park Public Library shows have just been added.

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