June 20, 2009


We have officially entered the "Is It Gunshots or Fireworks" part of the summer.

I saw X last night. I believe most reunions to be an act of aggression towards one's fanbase, though I have made special exceptions, notably for X and Steely Dan. I begrudge them nothing. (In the Dan's case, it's more like almost nothing--their reunion albums are lite jazz twaddle so effete it make's Fagen's Nightfly sound like Houses of The Holy, but I am not missing the replaying AJA show this fall and I just pray they rope in Michael McDonald to come out and yamobethere out his beard. I know loving AJA obliterates all my cred, but I am not about to apologize.) Nevertheless, X have a handful more dates on their all-request set tour and it was just... a real band. There was no room for snarky, derisive sidewhispers to friends, there was no precious preening, there was John Doe whipping sweat out of his hair on "Los Angeles" and "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline" so merciless and Billy Zoom's pearly whites smile perm. affixed to his pink face. GO. SEE. THEM. Tickets are like $20-25 methinks, but it's a benefit for Sweet Relief. You could pay a straight $50 and feel like it was a bargain at that price. I promise.

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