June 14, 2009


IF YOU KNOW OF A BETTER SONG THAN "MUSIC TIME" BY DOMINIQUE YOUNG UNIQUE YOU ARE PROBABLY LYING. For the sake of summer, Dominique, please drop an album. She makes Santigold sound like the teacher from Peanuts. BEST THING OF MUSIC EVER. At least since the Gay Beast show last night. Respect is due that whole band, putting Minneapolis back on the map para rock, but honest to Gaga, when you are watching that band, you are watching Angela. You are transfixed upon her. I kept thinking, "once the right person knows about her, she is going to end up playing on Mike Patton records." Or replacing John Stanier in Battles. She's got this really bizerk Sunny Murray textural glory going, but with this mechanical stop startness--long fest tom rolls with these micro breaks to play disconnected fits of hardcore. One song, she just played this same beat that got incrementally faster and tighter and smaller and faster until it was micro; it was the Russian dolls of beats. At first you think she's just all over the place, but then you realize she is a total machine. I like their records but I had no idea that they'd be so sublime and powerful.

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