June 13, 2009


Going on tour with Katie Stelmanis and her all lady quintet and certain dates, the twins in her band, Ghost Bees will open. They will rock, I will read. I am looking for suggestions for DC, as well as 8/26-29, if anyone has ideas on Asheville, Bloomington Ind./Champaign? LOOK AT THIS MAP OF FUN. Katie & her band are from Toronto, you may know her from her split/collabo with Fucked Up. Ghost Bees are from Nova Scotia! LETS PARTY WITH OUR NEIGHBORS TO THE NORTH. Holler if you have an idea or wanna help hook something up between NC and Nashville.

8/20 Cleveland w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees
8/21 Pittsburgh w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/22 Brooklyn, NY w/ These Are Powers & Katie Stelmanis
8/23 Baltimore w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/24 Washington DC TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis
8/25 Chapel Hill, NC w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost Bees
8/26 TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis (Asheville? Nashville?
8/27 TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis (Nashville? St. Louis?)
8/28 TBA w/ Katie Stelmanis (Bllomington IN? Champaign?)
8/29 Chicago @ Hideout w/ Katie Stelmanis & Ghost bees & MORE 1 p.m. show
8/30 ++ (Iowa, Omaha KCMo? maybe?)

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