June 12, 2009


I just wiki'd THE EX for name-spelling and found this totally unreported shocker:

"In 2009, after 30 years with the group, singer and co-founder G.W. Sok announced his departure from the band. Sok did so believing he lacked sufficient enthusiasm to continue with the group, having decided to focus on writing and graphic design. He plans on continuing to "participate in Ex activities, one way or another" [5]. His replacement is Arnold de Boer from the Dutch group Zea, with whom The Ex have toured and collaborated."

HOW CAN YOU HAVE THE EX W/O HIM?! I mean, naturally, no offense to the rest of the bands interest in continuing a 30 year investment BUT HOW DO YOU HAVE THE EX WITH NO G.W.? HE IS THE SINGER! THIS MAKES ARNOLD DE BOER IS THE SAMMY HAGAR OF ANARCHIST PUNK! I remember where I was the first time I heard "Frenzy" off Starters & Alternators--it was everything I ever wanted from music in one song, full on revelation. This is upsetting! The Dead Fish 10" is the only 10" I own because every other 10" ever made is inferior. I AM UPSET! Why does one of the best lyricists ever--in or outside of punkdom!--need to FOCUS ON GRAPHIC DESIGN?! UGH! I hate it when my favorite bands stop meeting my needs.

Here's the Ex at WFMU:

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