June 08, 2009


What we had going for us, if I do say so myself, is that we looked nice. I mean to say that out outfits were good outfits for going anywhere. But, in my home, there is pet hair and not much matching anything, not much new. And then you are in a home with multiple decks and looking around the living room at the nice trim and a wall mounted TV with the game on mute, and people are getting a tour of the upstairs while you are on a leather couch with a baby that you didn't make, a very nice baby that is nice to hold while you chat, and everyone around you is your same same same age and you know-you know-- they have health insurance. Probably even dental. A strong possibility of a den with a muted TV and decorative trim.

If that is adult life, does it just happen, like puberty? Or is it about money? Like, just about money. I am almost 33, unmarried, no children, it is 11 a.m. and I am freelancing from bed, I pay my dentist in cash and I do not wear shoes when I work, and I am wondering, will all of that just get transformed and suddenly I will be a lady with a flat screen TV and kids and a deck? Will I? Or is it that I missed that exit ramp and so I have no choice but to be a 50 yr old catlady in overalls? I wonder about this.

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