June 05, 2009


Tomorrow, I am judging a Battle of the Teenage Bands at the Oak Park Public Library. I blv the entire judging panel is myself, the lovely Nora Brank and Heather from Girls Rock Chicago. I wonder if this will change the course of some personal teenage boy band history, as even though we will be given very specific criteria (I'm hoping numbered signs, Olympics-style, too) by which to judge them and their mandatory 45-minute set, I mean, when you are maybe just some 11th grade choogler trying to make it, you probably do not imagine your blues in the key of John Mayer to be juried by three pint size radical feminists whose idea of a great band is CRASS.

The man I share my bed with is a storied veteran of many high school talent shows and Battles-of-Bands; he was even recruited to play in the teacher's band Bored of Education and he played in the punk covers band and they did Bad Brains and Janes Addiction and Mudhoney songs. Based on that, I am confident I also would have been in love with him in high school too. It gives me comfort when things feel fated.

I am reading Bill Wasik's book And Then There's This, which confirms all hunches and fears about blogs, music blogs, Pitchfork-effect, trending, long term prognosis for your Tweeting problem, etc. which all feel's a especially prophetic after this week's shake down of the dude from Wavves. Normally, when people come out in mainstream media about their addiction issue, or that they are confronting their drinking problem, people lay down the flogging stick. But in this indie-blog fiefdom, no one dares miss out on weighing in. Maybe he's gonna be Pitchfork gen's Courtney Love and we might get another few years of news items reported in a tone of scandalized mocking disgust. The one interview I read with the dude, he talked about how his day consisted of waking up at noon, getting stoned, doing interviews with blogs and then playing xbox; not sure why anyone would have professional-level expectations for the little bro. He's 22. He's not even as old as an Olsen twin.

Meanwhile, and otherwise, Gordon Lish's Zim Zum (excerpt) was snagged for a buck from the thrift. I think I only knew of him as Raymond Carver's editor; it's macho and swift, worth a visit to the library if they have it.

I do not have any songs to tell you about, but all the little movies and commercials we made for the book are viewable and the "adventure" movie is up on Chicagoist, but I think this one is my favorite. Kate pointed out this is the second time I've invited her over to the house and failed to inform her she'd be be disrobing to participate in a shoot of some sort.

The Girls' Guide to Rocking ft. Kate Rose from Alan Del Rio Ortiz on Vimeo.

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