June 02, 2009


Matt said "This is totally going to wind up on some message board" and I said "No, no, it won't I think we came to some understanding"--but apparently someone else in the room overheard, or other people who were also attending the puppet show misunderstood a few things. Last night, a friend of the promoters for the upcoming black metal fest at Co-Prosperity sphere, heard from Edmar that I wasn't previewing the fest because I had changed my mind about covering Bone Awl because of the swastika art on the cover of Eclipse. Which made this friend of the promoter fly into, well, it was shy of rage, but he was yelling and then I was probably almost yelling, and then it was just raised voices about Burzum/Nachtmystium/Marduk/swastikas/NSBM, and then by the end it was handshakes, and I felt like we had understanding that we were just on different sides of the black metal divide, and that I just don't agree that a swastika can be aesthetically re-purposed as a decoration-with-no-meaning. I offered that the 10 year age gap might also explain our different ideas, as coming up in PC punk/hardcore/riotgirl/fugazi-time meant you take things at face value, whereas this young sir of 23 came up in an era of transgressive/anti-meaning/anti-political/nothings-shocking sentiment. And I think all was cool.

I am not writing up the festival in any paper as "a nazi festival". By the time I changed my mind about covering Bone Awl, it was too late to cover a different band instead. Also, I am not an idiot and I do like black metal.

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