June 01, 2009


New Tracey Emin exhibit up "Criticise my work, but don't criticise the way I speak, don't criticise my teeth, don't criticise the way that I dress - it doesn't relate to my work," she says.
I love her.

I think it's summer now. I know because all I want to do is ride my bike, play hookey from my already hookey-esque life. I bought Matt a powerful looking tie for his new lawyering job at the thrift. I made him try it on with a suit last night--turns out it's a kids tie. It was little. Shows what I know. I cannot think very much, or deeply, about much of anything. Strangely paralyzed by the "I made a book, dream came real" and the powerless-angry feeling that Borders is shelving it in the "ROCK" section instead of "Young Adult"--my book should be as far from Riders on the Storm: My Life With Jim Morrison as possible! Also there is the waiting for things to start, for the book tour in July and then the rocking/reading tour in August with Katie Stelmanis and the twins' Bee band which is getting routed this week, taking shape (Middle west, east coast, south east, middle west). I am doing a few interviews for publications aimed at kids and the questions are really great, like "if you could be any color, what would you be and why?"--THATS THE HARDEST QUESTION ANYONE HAS EVER ASKED ME, in particular the "and why?" or if I could teleport to any place or time in history, where? I said I would go back in time to hang out with my grandma when she was my same age I was now. Then, she was a war widow, working at the phone company, and had just saved enough money to buy a new car on her own. I didn't mention she is dead now or that I would settle for just going back in time a little bit so I could show her the book. I am routing the August tour so I can go bury a book where she is buried. If I just leave it, I think it'll get taken, but I think if I bring a trowel, I can make a careful hole for it so it can stay.

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