May 22, 2009


Austria? Really? And it's not glitched-out minimalism? SOAP&SKIN. She's got 18th century hair and a touch of Karin Driejer Andersson in that doomy multi-tracked voice. "Age of delirium/Curse of my oblivion"--lyrics are way metal, yet it's just her and a piano with the sustain pedal mashed hard to the floor. PLEASE COME TO AMERICA, WE ARE NOT SO BAD.

and less chill:
FATAL ERECTION from Long Island (duh), for those that miss Blatz/still have the Shit split in rotation/wonder if Cheesecake's appearance on Stars Kill Rock had a lasting influence. Mailorder some cassettes for the car! I am already planning my t-shirt stencil. HOW GOOD ARE THEY? I wish I had thought up this band name, or at least the shirt, in 11th grade.

also, if you are in Chicago tomorrow, and want a wild ride through the world of (YOUNG) ADULT BOOKS.... I am panelling at this:

Saturday, May 23, 2009
Young Adult panel at Pilcrow Lit Fest
with (total strangers) Jane Hertenstein, Daniel Kraus and (friends) Stephanie Kuehnert and James Kennedy .
Upstairs at Trader Todd's (3216 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 773.348.3250). 2:00-2:45 pm. This is all ages, open to the public and all the way free.

James Kennedy is in Brilliant Pebbles and is blowing up the YA fantasy-fiction landscape with Order of Odd Fish. Stephanie's book, I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone you may remember, and she is about to follow it up with a new one, Ballads of Suburbia in July, which tells a story most of us have lived: teen punk chicks going bad.

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