May 12, 2009


Michael Bott brings an item to the mailbag, for all the teen girls who suffered--a classic takedown from Cosmoetica, including a rehabbing of a poem: "Charles Bukowski would have long faded from the poetic scene had there not been such a perverse attraction, by poets, toward dereliction- in all its forms. CB- or Chuck Buk, as he was known in literary circles- was 1 of the last’s century’s premier vagrants. The film Barfly was his own self-absorbed & self-obsessed opus on the grandeur of inebriation. But none of that would matter if the man were capable of effectively conveying thoughts & emotions via the written word. His prose is largely generic & forgettable- although it inspired legions of wannabe losers in the 1960s & 70s. His ‘poetry’ is arguably worse- but I will say of the 2 ways to go CB would have been better off working on his poetry- it’s the more salvageable of the 2 endeavors. That said, it’s as universally horrible as it is available."

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